Pose Of The Month: Warrior 1

Posted on Feb 25, 2014 in Poses of the Month

IMG_4981Warrior 1 provides a powerful combination of leg and core strength.  This pose helps stretch your hip flexors and open the chest.

Here is how to get started:

*From downward facing dog step your right foot toward your right hand.  All six toes face forward.

*Pivot your left foot to the left about 60 degrees.

*Work towards stacking your right knee directly over your right ankle.

*Create a stable foundation by widening your stance.  Right foot to the right, left foot to the left.

*Using core strength bring your arms up above your heads.

*Open your chest-create a V shape with your arms by pulling your shoulder blades down onto your spine.

*Bring chin away from chest, focus your gaze up and forward.

*Keep your center of gravity over your hips.

*Square the hips and the chest forward.

*Press through both feet to lift your upper body!

Now go out and be a WARRIOR!!!

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