Below you’ll find descriptions for the programs I offer. Each one can be tailored for one-on-one instruction, or for a large group. While the price of classes typically ranges from $65 to $85, I approach cost and instruction in the same way I approach my yoga practice: there’s no true template. I understand that your needs are unique, so contact me on pricing and availability and we’ll discuss potential options.

Catch and Release
Many beginners steer clear of attending yoga classes on their own, but I love helping these new yogis get over their “mat fright.” One-on-one instruction allows you to master the basics and become comfortable on your mat. Once you’ve done that, you can be released confidently into the yoga wild—if that’s ultimately your goal.

Corporate Catering
Whether we establish a weekly schedule or focus on special events, I can visit your company for individual or group sessions. Classes can be created to cater to beginners, intermediate yogis, advanced practitioners, or all three. No matter your level, stepping away from the daily grind with yoga can be rejuvenating for body, and mind.

Abler-Bodied Athletes
As a long-distance runner and triathlete, I can personally attest to how yoga improved my overall performance and helped me rid my body of pesky aches and pains that had been dogging me for years. I can incorporate yoga into your strength and conditioning program, unlocking the physical and mental edge it provides in the process.

Please note that each class is slated to last one hour and 15 minutes.